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Conventional Process VS. Horicca Process
Name Vertical Continuous Casting(SCC,VCC) Horizontal
Continuous Casting
Main Equip
Melting F'ce
Holding F'ce
casting m/c
Hot & Cold Working Equip.
Melting F'ce
Holding F'ce
Cold Working Equip.
Crucible Refractories High Purity Graphite
Melt Contamination High Very Low
Degassing By Charcoal & Reducing Gas
Degassing Agent
Bt inert Gas Bubbling
Graphite Fliter
Product O₂Content <10ppm <5ppm
Other Gas Content Low
Very Low
Micro Alloying Poor
Appilcable Item Restircted
Subsquent Process
Must be hot Worked
Not necessary to hot work