We have made our utmost efforts and given supports to energize R & D Functions with the dream of being the world-best company in the field of Material · Parts Industry.

KAYA will be making the best unique products in the world as well as domestic market, highly promoting the activities of research & development together with all lines of research team of Institute and University.

- 1995. 8. The establishment of the R&D Center under SAMDO POWDER
              METALLURGY CO., LTD.
1995. 9. First-Development of SINTERED RING for SPINNING MACHINE in Korea.
1996. 7. Development of Sintered Ferrous Alloy for Wear-resistance.
1997. 8. First-Development of SINTERED VENT in Korea.
1998. 7. Development of the method 1 for making Metal Sulfide Powders.
2000. 7. Development OILLESS BEARING for Oil Pump.
- 2001. 2. Development of the method 2, 3 for making Metal Sulfide Powders
- 2001. 8. Establishment R&D Center under KAYA AMA Inc.
- 2001. 9. Doing local-specified program(2 year term program)
- 2002. 2. Doing New-Technology program(3 year term program)
- 2002. 2. 1st Century Frontier R&D Program(New-Generation Material-compaction
R&D program)
- 2003. Currently-Presenting of Manganese Sulfide Patent in USA & China
State of art for recent progress and technology of Sintered Oilless Bearing
(Jour. of the Korean Institute Metals and Materials Vol. 12 No.5(1999)
- KPMI Autumn Conference 2000 - Effects of FeS Addition on the Machinability of
Sintered Steel
- KPMI Spring Conference 2001 - Effects of Various MnS addition on Physical
Properties and Machinability in Sintered Steel
- KPMI Autumn Conference 2001 - Sintered Stableness and Machinability of P/M

using Modified MnS Additions.
- PM Tech 2002 presentation ? Presentation MnS Manuscript(Sintered Stability and
Machinability of P.M steel using modified MnS additives) in 2002 world
congress(Orlando) - MnS patent registration in Korea.


Jour. of Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute(VOL.8 NO.2 2001) - A Scheme for Enhancing the Machinability of Sintered Materials. (R&D Development)