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Sintered filter is the high-strength porous materials manufactured from metallic powders using appropriate sintering techniques.
There are two models of contamination particles separation. The one is surface filtration, in which particles are retained on the surface of the filter. The other is depth filtration and this is the case of sintered filter. The small particles penetrate into filter media, where they face a great number of obstacles and then they are progressively attenuated throughout the filter body.

Bronze Media
High Filtering Efficiency
- have significant filtering advantages over two-dimensional filters, such as wire mesh, due to a three-dimensionally tortuous path

Flexibility in Shape
- Can be made to almost any moldable shape

Long Durability
- Have a comparatively long working life in aggressive environments

Other Benefit
- Can be simply and effectively cleaned

Stainless Steel Media
High Corrosion Resistance
- are ideal for use in particularly corrosive environment, such as chemical and foodstuffs industries

Chemical and Metallurgical Industry
- catalyst in retention
- fluid beds
- filtration of gases and liquids
- protection device

- recovery of radioactive dust
- drum event

Pneumatic Material
- protection
- flow regulation & limitation
- silencer
Foodstuffs Industry
- stainless steel material
- air, CO2, nitrogen diffuser

Water Treatment
- diffusion

- protection of sensors
- diffuser for chromatograph

Welding Devices
- flame arresters

Plastic Industry
- gas evacuation during the parts molding

We can supply sintered filters made to your specification.