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Metal powder is pressed to form powder compacts inside mold and then heat them below melting point to give own shape and property required.
Powder Metallurgy means one of parts manufacturing method and technique by the above process.
What is Sintered Oilless Bearing(O/B)? ?
O/B is kind of a porous applying an unique characteristic of Powder Metallurgical process and
is used at the state of impregnating Oil into Porosity. This is also defined as self-lubricant bearing with its own lubricating mechanism..
Working Prinicple of O/B
Main Application Characteristic
- Motor for Household Appliances
- Motor for Office Equipment
- Motor for Automotive
- Motor for Telecommunication Equipment

- Motor for Audio Equipment
- Various of Compact Motor
- Low level of Noisy and Vibration
- Unnecessary to use the special Lubricant
- Mass Production available
- Easy selection of Shape and Material
- High Cost-Efficiency

Applicable P/M procucts in KAYA

- Various kinds of Spur Gear
- Various kinds of Helical Gear
※Please feel free to contact us any inquiry for Applicable Range of making gears.
- Gear or Rotor for Oil Pump
- Double Gear
- Various kinds of Cam
- Sprocket

Oilless Bearing
- Sintered Oilless Bearing, iron base, bronze base,Fe-Cu Bass,Fe-Cu base, Diluted Bronze base,Special Materials
- Twin Oilless Bearing
- Multi- porosity Bearing / Vertical or Horizontal
- Air Bearing
- Oilless Bearing with Fluid Dynamic Mechanism
- Articular Bearing