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Kaya was an ancient confederation of six states formed in the Gyungsang province in southern Korea at the beginning of the 1st century and existed for nearly 600 years.

The people of Kaya developed superior technologies in iron metallurgy, such as steel making and forging, Kaya thus came to be known as the "Kingdom of iron".
Kaya greatly influenced the culture of its surrounding nations through propagating advanced skills as well as through the export of ironwork and lump iron.

In 2001, Kaya AMA Inc. was established in the cultural spirit of ancient Kaya, heightening technology and continuing to develop the creative art of material working.
Today Kaya AMA Inc. is continually striving to meet and exceed our customer's expectations through innovation our systems and processes with production of advanced materials and superior parts.
Kaya will concentrate on investing in research and development in order to create new demands, to make the best quality parts and to give technical services for our customers.